Posted by : Cheeziie Cheez Selasa, 05 April 2011

New Features : Spoocky Edisi [even spring] V1
- Gold mission in Grade C reward practice Naginata
- MISI CHUNIN, MISI JOUNIN INSTAN (For Chunin and jounin mission after completing the last mission 5 / 5 is required to refresh / restart Ninja Saganya or press F5).
- ONE HIT KILL HUNTING HOUSE [According by level]
- Free users can run missions user emblems
- exp pet [ must be lv 60 before you could just leveling your pet]
- instan Misi even spring
- one hit kill even spring


password :

How to use:
1.tutup all of your browser and fiddler empty [do ctrl + a then press delete on the autoresponder]
2.clear cache using CCleaner
3.buka ye fiddler
4.beri tick check settings on enable automatic responses and permit pasthrough
5.drag/tarik file
6.Open bwoser again
7.Open Your NS

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